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Seki Consulting / Seki Data

As the owner of Seki Consulting, Inc. I provide scientific services in neuroscience, retinal research, visual prostheses, bio-electricity, and technical/medical writing. My work is often lab research-based, drawing heavily on my experience in experimental design, prototype development, and data analysis.

I have consulted for The Salk Institute (San Diego), Second Sight Medical Products (Sylmar), the University of Southern California, the Denver-based startup company Biotricity Medical, and Aegis Creative in Colorado. I have coauthored a patent application for the French company Pixium Vision and worked on consulting projects for San Diego-based Nanovision Biosciences and Stanford University in California.

UPDATE NOV 2015: I’m in the process of changing my company’s name to Seki Data, Inc. The new corporation will focus on software development as well as hardware repair for Apple products. Thanks for your patience.

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